F is for Form.
'That's what it all comes down to.'
Composition originally designed for Van Bij De Buren – België, catalogue, 2010.
Silkscreen on paper, 72 X 102 cm. Edition of 30. Euro 75,00.
The exhibition Van Bij De Buren – België is situated in and around Kasteel Keukenhof and shows a selection of contemporary art from two Belgium collectors. The photo- graphs taken in the castle are cut and pasted into new combinations according to the diagonal (view)lines, which refer to the architecture of the castle and its domain. The fragmentations force the spectator to experience the catalogue in a similar way as the exhibition itself.

ABC Primer – Rainbow Series
26 silkscreened posters (A–Z),
size 72 X 102 cm in different print runs, in a total of 900 posters.
Prices according to quantity.

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